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JamGuy Children’s Book Series

By Matthew Benedick & Illustrated by Christina Michalos

The JamGuy children’s book series presents a unique approach to introducing children to nature. From the perspective of a jar of jam, we see all there is to enjoy outdoors — the simple joys of breathing fresh air, exploring, and discovering the wonders of nature. In this first book, JamGuy Discovers the Great Outdoors, he discovers a love for the outdoors and is inspired to explore. Join him on his adventures as he learns new activities (hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc.), meets new Jams, and discovers how amazing being active and in nature can be. This optimistic and ever-smiling jam is sure to be loved by kids of all ages and will help them to find their own connection to nature and a love of exploration! And for a limited time this holiday season, use the code GoJamGuyGo at checkout for 25% off our book and plushie combo! Get yours today while supplies last!

JamGuy Discovers the Great Outdoors

JamGuy is a simple jam jar who is used to the indoor life and comforts of home. But he has always had a suspicion that he is missing something. Not quite sure about how to get to the mountains he can see from his home, and what adventures might await, JamGuy decides to confront his worries and find what is missing. One day he goes outside to explore, and what he discovers is more amazing than he could have imagined, setting the stage for his future adventures.

Learn to Love the Outdoors

JamGuy teaches us all a great lesson about the value of nature through his simple and optimistic perspective. He learns how essential it is to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Spending too much time inside can keep you closed off from all that nature has to offer. By reading JamGuy’s story, kids will find themselves wanting to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Opportunity Awaits Everyone

Whether you are a jar of jam or a young kid, mother nature has a lot to offer. JamGuy figured this out on his great adventure outdoors. His story of joyous hiking, camping, and rock climbing illustrates how many enriching outdoor experiences await all of us. You can have these fun times outside too!

Unique Perspective to a Familiar Experience

Though it may be new to read a story about a living jar of jam, the tale of this story is shared by many. In the same way that outdoor living breathes new air into our life, the same is true for JamGuy! Outdoor living is life-changing and leads us to ask the question: What could be better?

Meet JamGuy Today!

Spend some time with JamGuy by ordering JamGuy Discovers the Great Outdoors! Introduce the friendly jar to your children while also introducing them to all the opportunities that await them outdoors. Life is too precious to spend inside, blocked off from all the cool things that nature has to offer. JamGuy learned this, and you can too. Start reading today!