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Tampa Bay Frogman Swim

Dale Mason

Dale Mason is a very patriotic and inspiring individual. He has an incredibly strong devotion to, and support of, the special operations community and in particular the Navy SEALs. We had the pleasure of meeting Dale at one of our festivals and he told us of an amazing event – The Tampa Bay Frogman Swim (a 5K swim across the Tampa Bay). This is an event held annually in January that serves as one of several fundraising campaigns for the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization created to support the families of injured and KIA (Killed In Action) Navy SEALs, SEALs in training, and all those within the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community. We were privileged to follow Dale through some of his training and support his fundraising efforts. He repeatedly made mention to the inspiration of the event and people involved and the experience was a definite WCBB? In many ways. As told from Dale:

“…two hours of pull-ups and pushups followed by two hours of swimming, IS MY JAM in preparation for the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim!”