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Hiking the AT and Helping Out Some Friends in Need

Vanessa K.

I was hiking a piece of the Appalachian trail in Frederick, MD. Two young guys passed me, one carrying a back backpack with his Australian Shepherd in it. I thought to myself, “Hmm..that's weird. I wonder if his dog is handicapped and he is taking him for a hike. How sweet”. Later, I turned around on the trail to head back to my car and passed the guys again. They asked me if I had a car nearby because their dog had hurt himself and they needed to take him to a vet (which is why the one fellow was carrying the dog in his pack). They had planned to hike the trail from the Mason-Dixon line to Harpers Ferry in one day (roughly 40 or so miles), so their cars were far and they didn’t quite know where they were. Being the animal lover that I am, I agreed to take them. The vet said it was a sprain and the dog would be just fine. The dog’s name was Kai J. What could be better?