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Did somebody say hiking?

Matthew Benedick

My What Could Be Better? is hiking. While I love all manner of outdoor activity from climbing, to kayaking, swimming, trail running, camping, biking… I particularly find renewal in the connection felt with Nature when hiking. The sense of balance and perspective when I’m out of our modern societal influences is refreshing. There seems to be a sense of purpose – that all is as it should be.  This energy makes me smile and fills me with hope. I love the burn in my legs and chest when traversing steep switchbacks, the view of the underside of a dense tree canopy, and the feeling of exhilaration of a stiff wind at the summit of a hike. These to me are so vitalizing and I feel a deep sense of reverence and thankfulness for all that’s around us in Nature. 

Find your What Could Be Better?

One of the biggest inspirations for What Could Be Better? is my desire to share these thoughts and feelings with others. I hope this concept serves as a common thread that people can connect with and into which they interweave their own inspiring and renewing experiences.There is so very much around us in Nature and the Outdoors if we take the time to reconnect and listen. It serves as a renewing source of energy [– different in kind and likeness to our modern-day surroundings]. It reminds us of the simple, yet profound, impact of Living in the Moment.